Pastor Robson Lopes


As the pastor of Camrose Baptist Church, I would like us as a church family to grow in the following: areas

·         Our Personal Relationship with Christ

·         Our Relationship with our Family

·         Our Relationship with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

·         Our Relationship with our Community


As part of the spiritual growth process here are some areas that I would love to help everyone to work on

·         On a personal level- Develop your relationship with the saviour and Lord Jesus Christ and increase your devotional in daily bible reading and prayer life style

·         On a family level – Enrich your relationship with your spouse, and children, developing ways to strengthen the family bond, as well as mutual respect and grow in maturity

·         In our church family- Create opportunities to have quality time with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and build up one another by exercising the gifts of the spirit given to each one according to the will of God

·         In our community – How to relate to non-Christian’s in order to share with them the love of God as well as developing ways and strategies to reach out to them



Pastor Robson Lopes Camrose Baptist Church .