Welcome to Camrose Baptist Church

 Dear Members and Friends

You may be wondering if our gatherings at church will be affected by Coronavirus.

The Baptist Union has strongly recommended that in view of the current situation, Sunday Services should no longer take place and that churches suspend their children’s and youth activities for the meantime.   Sunday School, Girls’ Brigade, Toddlers and the Friday Youth Group will therefore not meet.  The Baptism and Membership class, Thursday morning Bible Study and Friday prayer meeting are all suspended. This also applies to House Groups.

With great sadness therefore, there will be no Sunday Services at Camrose until further notice.

Pastor Robson Lopes, Secretary Margaret Kennedy.


Sunday Services:

Our Sunday services are streamed online on you tube at 10.30am. 

You can access the youtube channel

1 opening direct from on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCksvBzAdcu2-W4tBWYSuF8g/videos

If you are thinking of visiting Camrose Baptist Church click here to find out what to expect.



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